Inspector Lohman is dedicated to finding the best of the web, while exposing the worst of the web.

We will rank each find either Best, Worth A Look, or Worst.

Links will be provided for the first two rankings.

For the Worst ranking you will have to find those for yourself, so do not ask for a link.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inspector Lohman's Best

In the debut of our Best of the web, we have:

Boing Boing - This site has almost everything.

Inside the Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame - I think the title speaks for itself.

Inspector Lohman's Worth A Look

In our debut of our Worth A Look on the web, we have:

Minister of Rants - This site is loaded with irreverent tidbits and has a skewed sense of humor. The site almost made it to the Best list, but the infrequency of the posts there landed it here.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - This site has some great posters and a liberal bias. This site, too, all but made it to the Best list. However the use of all lower case letters in all posts lands it here.

Technoccult - This site is just plain odd and sometimes it is a better read than others so it makes this list for that reason.

Inspector Lohman's Worst

In the debut of our Worst of the Web we have:

Diary of a Nudist - This site purports to be a site for information about nudism and naturism but is in fact a site full of lewd and inappropriate photos and items for nudism and naturism. The author of the site also attacks other websites and then accuses those he attacks of attacking him.

Drudge Report - This site by Max has always been irrelevant to the world at large and has only become increasing so to the point even his base is deserting him.